Friday, 7 October 2011

 Just a few pieces of art ive done.

Life drawing using acrylics and a peice of card board for a brush.

Page of charcole, and rubbing out the light shades only.

 Dark Knight in Pencil and Acrylic.

Mad Hatter in Acrylic on suade 

 Fantastic Mr Fox Solderd into wood, and Red Riding Hood etched onto metal.

Acrylic on black papper tissue 

  Minnie Mouse and Daisy Pin ups

Design ideas for a detective with an eyepatch (uni project)

Mythical creature design ideas (uni project)

Steam punk ideas (uni project)

Zombie ideas (uni project)

Wood Elf in Acrylic

 Robbie Williams as Rabbit Sketch  (music video)

Dirty Dancing Sketch

 Elvis Presely Sketch

Audry Hepburn Sketch

Joker (Heath Ledger)  Sketch

 Labyrinth Sketch

Edward Scissor Hands Sketch 

Jack Sparrow Sketch

Bram Stokers Dracula in Pencil Crayon

Jesus in Acrylic using fingers

 Uni project, me in acrylic on wood
 Nymph in water colour

Gunther Von Hagon acrylic on card, and tared parts away.

 Mythical Creature clay sculpt.